It is not every year an entirely new version of the iconic 911 model joins our illustrious Porsche model lineup, but in 2015, that is exactly what we receive with the advent of the aggressive new 911 GT3 RS edition. See the uniquely styled model in action, below.

Amazing, isn't that? As you have seen, the model is sporting a look all its own. The front end has improved aerodynamics, with massive air inlets now positioned under the luggage compartment. And the rear end is wider, sleeker, and more sharply designed with a fixed wing providing massive down force, and twin tailpipes providing an exhilarating soundtrack. And the model not only looks capable of aggressive performance; it truly is as well, with 475 horsepower lurking beneath the beautiful new exterior.

For a test drive of your own on this amazing new Porsche 911 edition, visit our Eastpointe, MI dealership soon.

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